LNG to Power

As the world around us changes, powering the next generation is all about ensuring clean, reliable and affordable energy for the needs of a modern society.

We at SENS are convinced that renewable energy is the future and the technology needed to make the transition to 100% renewables, is available today. Renewable energy is crucial to our future, but as they develop, and considering the limitations, when the wind doesn’t blow, the sun doesn’t shine, and droughts are becoming a common occurrence, natural gas energy source can keep your economy powered reliably and sustainably.

LNG Fuel Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) fuel power plants will ensure flexibility, and reliability, they balance the variability of wind and solar energy, lower greenhouse gas emissions, lower fuel cost compared to the use of fuel oil.

SENS & Partners has the capability to provide engine power plants and small to medium scale LNG terminals in one single project which guarantees functionality and integration, and to make the adaption of LNG easier.

We can also support the client throughout the process, from engineering design, construction, operations and maintenance.

The Objective

  • Improve the load capacity
  • Improve reliability and security of supply
  • Alignment of the Solution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Reduce fuel cost
  • Reduce emissions and improve on climate change adaptations
  • Diversity on energy solution in terms of economic and social development

The Opportunity

  • The opportunity for Power generation utilities to provide cleaner energy as an alternative to transition away from diesel fuel plants
  • Affordable solution to Power generation utilities energy mix
  • Increase your profit margins.

The Solution

  • Ensures energy security and productivity
  • Build a turnkey solution for developing economies
  • Provide the transition fuel for dual fired power generating plant