ASP Services

SENS takes a more holistic view in our approach to address utility’s needs. It is based on a structured framework process which interrogates a proposed project and checks that it is completely logical, that it has no fatal errors and that appropriate contingency arrangements have been put in place to ensure that the complete project will not fail if a particular strand of the project fails.

Our approach process includes:

  • Feasibility study on the current assets and future situation
  • Creating a range of models to predict the likely impact of different scenarios. This traditionally would consist of design modelling and research, "what if" logical scenarios etc.
  • Based on the output from a wide range of modelling exercises and research reviews, we analyse the outcome to determine the scope, scale and likely implementation methodologies which would be required to ensure successful implementation.
  • ISO9001 Quality assurance process which actively interrogates each stage of our Sustainable Energy design output.